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★★Buy Two Packs - Shipped ★★
◉ [New] AA GATOMBOYA / Kenya
◉[New] SANTA ELENA / Colombia 200g/ $988
◉[New] RETIRO DE QUISAYA Espresso / Guatemala 200g/ $988
◉[New]ELSILENCIO / Colombia 200g / $988

★★Special Flavor. 100g Buy 2 packs for shipment ★★
◉[New] EL MARTILLO / El Salvador 100g/ $988
◉[New] EL MARTILLO Espresso / El Salvador 100g/ $988

Flavor & Origin
◉ [New] AA GATOMBOYA / Kenya
*Flavors: Red Currant, Raspberry, Assam Tea, Cane Sugar
*Producer: Gatomboya Factory
*Region of Origin: Nyeri
*Country: Kenya
*Variety : Batian, SL-34, Ruiru 11, SL-28
*Technics : Washed
*Altitude : 1800masl

◉ [NEW]SANTA ELENA / Colombia
*Flavor: Fruity flavor of nectarine and berry,
tastes like black tea. Mild sweetness of cane sugar.
Nectarine, Berry, Tea, Cane Sugar
*Origin: Colombia
*Producer: Maria Damaris Medina
*Origin: Huila > El Pital
*Farm: Santa Elena
*Varietal: Pink Bourbon
*Refining method: Washed

◉RETIRO DE QUISAYA Espresso / Guatemalan
*Flavors: fruity notes of orange and plum, almond and sweetened with brown sugar.
Orange, plum, almond and brown sugar.
*Producer: Guatemala
*Producer: Juan Luis Barrios
*Region: Chimaltenango > San Martin Jirotepeque
*Farm: Retiro de Quisaya
*Breed: Bourbon
*Refining method: Washed
*Altitude: 1600~1700masl

◉ [NEW] EL PEDREGAL Espresso / El Salvador
*Flavors: Dried plums, hint of blood orange, nutty bar, heavy texture.
Dried prunes, hint of blood orange, nutty bar, viscous.
*Producers: Santa Ana > Apaneca Ilamatepeque
*Region of Origin: Finca San Francisco > El Pedregal
*Country: El Salvador
*Variety : Bourbon
*Process: Washed
*Altitude : 1500masl

*Flavor : Fruity aromas of blueberries and tropical fruits. Candy-like sweetness and a syrupy mouthfeel.
*Producer: Peru
*Refineries: Jaén > San Ignacio
*Producers' Association: La Breva
*Varieties : Cadura, Bourbon
*Purification: washed
*Altitude: 1935 - 1960 masl

*Flavor: fruity grapefruit and cherry flavors, light in texture with a nutty sweetness.
*Origin: Colombia
*Producer: Jailer Plazas
*Producer: Jailer Plazas *Origin: Huila > La Esmerialda village
*Farm: El Silencio
*Varietal: Pink Bourbon
*Refining method: Washed

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Fuglen coffee bean

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